Keratin Bonding

Keratin bonds are a type of hair extension that is also called a "bonded" hair extension. These are made from natural hair that is meant to match your own hair without any major transition, and has a sticky substance on one end.

What Are Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions consist of tiny strands of virgin (unprocessed) human hair. Unlike hair extensions that are sewn or taped to the hair, these extensions contain a keratin bond. These are strategically positioned in rows so that they blend right into your hair and no one can tell they’re there! This applies even when wearing a ponytail. When the protein of the protein is heated it melts so that the extensions are affixed to your own hair and you can't tell you they're there Keratin bonding is the process of attaching these extensions to your own locks, which usually takes about an hour or so depending on how much you want done and what kind you get.


Typically, women will say that this is the best type of extension on the market because it doesn't take up as much time as other methods, but still provides full coverage with no visible seams!

Keratin bonded hair extensions is a great way to prevent damage, make your hair look longer, and is favored by celebrities for its seamless look.

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Advantages of Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Keratin bonds are a more natural way to get longer hair, and they offer versatility that other types of extensions don't. Keratin is known as:

- Keratin bond

- Keratin Bonding

- Keratin Extensions

It will also give you more volume, which is always ideal when trying to achieve the desired style! They can blend perfectly with your natural hair and can be used in protective styles to assist your hair in grow longer as well as prevent water damage.

If you have thin hair , Keratin bonded hair extensions are a great way to achieve full coverage without the use of weaves.

What makes keratin bonds different than other methods?

Typically this is the best type of extension on the market because it's natural and doesn't require any major transition from your own hair. The hair extension has a sticky substance on one end.

In order for this process to work well it's important that any underlying damage in your locks be taken care of before they are attached. Our hair products are perfect for this!

Maintenance costs are low

You don’t need to keep visiting the salon for touch-ups or anything else. The hair will last for months without any hassle as long as you care for it like your natural hair. By default, maintenance costs are negligible.Of course, if you want to add volume or go for a thicker look you can head to the salon to add a few more strands of keratin bond extensions but that’s totally up to you. You can opt for more extensions, or more rounds, depending on the length of your hair.

This simplifies the process of going to the salon for touch-ups or anything else. Keratin bond extensions are a great investment because they will last for months without any hassle as long as you care for them like your natural hair, meaning maintenance is low and simple. Of course, if you want to add volume or go for a thicker look there are other options such as more keratin bonds applied in different rounds depending on how much length you need to cover up!

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Keratin Bond Maintenance.jpg

You don't need touch ups with these at all since they can be taken out after about three months. You only have one visit per year where it's easy just reapplying them again afterwards so that upkeep is very minimalistic.

How to protect and maintain your hair extensions

  1. You should clean and condition your hair extensions. That way they can look healthy and natural.

  2. You need to use the right brush to protect your hair extensions. When you have extensions, fix them as soon as they get tangled.

  3. Use lightweight products and low-heat tools.

  4. If you want your hair to look good, you should go back for regular trims.

  5. Do not use any chemicals.

  6. Avoid using a curling or flat iron on your hair or extensions.

  7. If you wash your hair, make sure it is dry before putting on your extensions. You can use dry shampoo if it isn't. It will be much less of a hassle.

So if you're looking to make a change and feel like it's time for an upgrade, we recommend Keratin hair extensions.