Cutting (Raw) vs. Combing (Processed) Collected Hair

Raw Hair is collected through donations, nuns, charity and selling, while Chemical treated hair is collected by combines or hair brushing. 

Cutting hair:

This is the highest quality hair, because of its process. The hair is handled with care and tied up in a ponytail in order to avoid mixing the tips with the roots. All cuticles are still aligned in the same direction, to prevent shedding and tangling. Hair in Indian vs. other countries is more likely to be virgin hair, with no chemical process. 

Combing hair:

Millions and people around the world, everyday, keep the hair that falls out of their head while combing and brushing. In most countries, families have hair collection bags to collect fallen hair from brushing and combing, this hair have the roots and tips all mixed up, and are collected every year in the villages. The hair in the bags are different lengths and textures. This kind of hair is used for cheap versions of hair extensions or cheap wigs and they tangle within time of usage. 

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