Turkey preparation and cooking instructions with TonyaB💋

Cooking with TonyaB Turkey 🦃 Recipe with LOVE❤️

What you will need:

  1. Turkey 20-25lb

  2. (1) bottle of Tony Chachere’s Creole Injectable butter flavor

  3. (1) Stalk of celery

  4. (1) bag of Sweet onions

  5. (10) small red potatoes

  6. Unseasoned tenderizer

  7. Small bag of carrots

  8. Pepper

  9. Bandai (international seasoning)

  10. Mrs. Dash (yellow)

  11. Hot sauce

  12. Pepperidge stuffing (blue bag)

  13. Vinegar

  14. Butter (country crock)

  15. Turkey wings (extra)

  16. Regular Turkey necks

  17. Smoke turkey neck

  18. Turkey Roaster + Rack (recommended but Optional) or Aluminum Turkey roaster.

  19. Baster and brush

  20. Aluminum foil



Remove thawed turkey from wrapping removing all the extras inside the turkey. Rinse and wash the front and back of the turkey with warm water then add vinegar to the palm of your hand and rubber throughly on the skin of the turkey. This will remove all left over impurities and greasiness then rinse throughly. Repeat this process for the extra turkey wings and turkey necks (regular).


Add a couple of teaspoons of butter to the palm of your hand then massage on to the outer layer (skin) of the turkey then inject the turkey with the creole butter flavor. When you inject the turkey you will begin to see it swell. Make sure it’s swollen eventually when injecting throughout the turkey. Sprinkle all of the seasonings to your liking but be sure to use lots of unseasoned tenderizer, this will ensure your turkey is tender.


Cut and wash all vegetables. The potatoes, onions, celery and carrots can be cut to the size of your liking but keep some of the celery stalk uncut to add under the turkey. This will add more flavor to the turkey making it more sticky. Then add a couple drops of vinegar and hot sauce. If you have the turkey roaster + rack, place all the vegetables plus turkey wings and turkey necks to the roaster. Then add the rack and place the Turkey on top. This way, all the turkey’s drippings will fall onto the extras (vegetables and turkey wings) under the rack for more flavor. When using the aluminum pan, add extras (vegetables and turkey wings first then place the turkey on top. Cover the full roaster with aluminum foil then poke fork wholes into the foil. Preheat oven to bake 275 degrees, placing the roaster on the bottom rack. Check in 5hrs, then begin to remove some of the drippings while beginning to bast the turkey with a baster + brush. This will keep the turkey moisturized at the top so that the heat from the oven won’t dry it out!

I hope this helped all that was interested. I’ve added pictures of some items recommended but optional. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Remember to always B.Beautiful B.Confident BGLAM by TonyaB 💋

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