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Curly Hair System

Curly Hair System

This Curly Hair Package includes B.Curly Shampoo + Conditioner + Curly Custard. The Secret is in the Sauce when it comes to this  Curly system. This product is perfect for natural curly hair or hair extensions. The shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp removing all product buildup, dirt and oils. While the conditioner seals the cuticles, restore moisture and define the natural curl pattern and the curly custard controls and tames unruly curly to bushy frizzy hair by defining the hair's natural curl pattern. A quarter size amount of the curly Custard goes a long way. The texture is creamy but very rich and potent. This product can occur a product buildup on the hair and will require more frequently shampoos or co-washes to remove product buildup. To achieve silky Coily curls add BGlam’s Moroccan Serum to the hair with this product. It will control frizz, add silk  and shine. 

Package Benefits:

● Hydrate and define unruly bushy to curly hair while defining the hair’s natural curl pattern. 

●Shampoo + Conditioner removes product build up on scalp and hair while adding nutrients to improve condition of scalp and the hair’s natural curl pattern.

●Hydrate, moisturize and seal the hair’s cuticles.

● Free of Paraben, Sulphate, and Sodium Chloride.

● Safe on natural, chemically treated or colored hair and or extensions. 

●Size: Curly Custard 4oz, B. Curly Shampoo 8oz, B. Curly Conditioner 8oz


5853 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212



(410) 365-5918

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