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Shampoo System

Shampoo System

This Innovative “Healthy Hair” Shampoo System is formulated to improve the health and manageability on natural to unruly bushy curly hair. You won’t need to use any other shampoo products after using this system. It’s an fast and easy to use 4 step process to breaking the hair down to a more manageable state. It includes three shampoos and one conditioner. Shampoo #1 This alkaline shampoo removes surface level gunk and grime that causes stiff to hard dry hair. It strips the hair from all impurities and buildup.  Break down the hair shaft while opening the cuticles for shampoo #2. Shampoo #2 repair and stimulate the scalp to improve hair growth. Shampoo #3 Seals the cuticles, add moisture, restore the hair’s natural shine and protect the hair from heat. While Conditioner #4 Seals the deal with locking in moisture and adding thermal protectant. THEN THERE’S THE FANILE !! The hair will be lightweight, perfectly clean, free of all impurities, an improved stimulated scalp to improve hair growth, hydrated hair, sealed cuticles, and thermal protected!! 

Cosmetologist get rid of all the extra bottles surrounded around your shampoo station and train your shampoo assistant to use this 4 step easy system. I guarantee you, you will be amazed at the results and timing it takes to break down and prepare any hair texture for styling. LETS GET THESE CLIENTS, IN AND OUT OF THE SALON IN A TIMELY MANNER BY USING A 4 STEP SHAMPOO SYSTEM THATS ESSENTIAL & SPEEDY SO YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR REVENUE AND CLIENT RETENTION. 

● Deep cleansing, removes all impurities from hair and scalp. 

● Free of Paraben, Sulphate, and Sodium Chloride

● A 4 step Shampoo Treatment and System that promotes healthy hair growth. 

● Formulated with essential and natural nutrient components to promote hair care and growth.

● For Professional Use Only, this product was formulated for professional licensed cosmetologist.


5853 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212



(410) 365-5918

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