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  • Can I Color Bglam Hair Extensions?
    Yes, you can color our Hair Extensions. Our collection of hair is chemical free, you can color up to blonde (level 10, professionally coloring recommended). Our hair extensions range from natural to light golden browns. After placing your order, we take a extra step to make sure color and curl pattern match as much as possible to complete your bundle package. If your considering coloring your extensions to light blonde color, be sure to request light brown bundles at checkout.
  • Will I need to shampoo my hair extensions before install?
    All of our hair is co-washed, please reshampoo to your discretion. Our hair is factory manufactured and may have a conditioning film on it , please rinse, shampoo, condition, add serum, air dry and install for the best results.
  • Can I reuse Cashmere Lace Products?
    Yes, you can reuse lace products, as long as they are handle with care during your install. All lace products are delicate, because the hair is looped thru the wholes of the lace, then knotted, always take this into accountability when handling your lace products.You can bald the lace product in several ways by scratching, excessive combing / brushing when hair is dry, too much heat or over processing of the knots when bleached. Always apply serum to your extensions and lace products to avoid dry frizziness and shedding. (Bglam Silky Serum recommended).
  • Longevity and Care of your Hair Extensions
    Our Extensions have been proven through customer testimonials to last 3+ Years. If you would like the hair to return to its natural curl pattern, after styling your extensions with products and styling tools, you must first brush the hair thoroughly, then shampoo twice with a clarifying shampoo, this will remove any build up from condition hair while throughly combing through. We recommend Bglam’s kurly custard, when you want to achieve a wet define curl, while our Keratin- Leave in is best to use when you want a more fluffier curly look. Both products we recommend applying while the hair is wet, then allow to air dry. For even better results mix our light weight Moroccan Silky Serum to add shine and prevent frizz. FYI: NEVER Blow Dry your extensions, you may strip the curl pattern.
  • Wigs/Units
    All of our Wigs, Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces are custom manufactured with multiple Nationalities of hair. Our curl patterns range from straight to kinky Coil. Yes, we do have Wigs in stock, some patterns maybe on back order due to sales. We only restock our best sellers. Please remember these units are considered delicate because of the lace, please refer to FAQ Can I Reuse My Lace. If you need a unit by a specific date please call to see if unit is in stock, our system update every 24hrs.
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