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This natural raw, straight body texture works great when styling it into wavy, body, or straight hair styles. Made with the best quality human hair, each bundle comes from a different donor. The color, texture, and curl pattern may differ between each bundle. This is the highest-grade human hair on the market, and it's sourced and handpicked by our very own Tonya B., who ensures nothing less than premium quality. In India, during the tonsure process, this hair is sectioned into its natural growing pattern, shaved, and cut from the donor's head. Then it's carefully sectioned into bulk for sanitization, hacking, and wefting. This process helps to maintain the hair's natural cuticle direction to avoid matting and tangling within the bundle. The hair then undergoes a cutting-edge sanitation treatment to purify, increase its natural shine, and improve quality. This hair has no artificial manipulation, it’s chemical-free and each curl pattern is categorized to be sold separately by its natural curl pattern. The hair is to be handled as human natural hair with no chemical process.


.● keep the hair hydrated by shampooing and conditioning daily with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, then apply a leave-in to keep the hair hydrated. BGlam Keratin leave -in protects the hair against heat damage when using heated styling tools. To seal the deal, add our lightweight serum to add silk and shine while it controls the frizz.


Enjoy over 24 hours of that silky, smooth, seamless, beautiful hair experience after applying our recommendations!



● 100% Pure Human Hair