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Natural Straight Body

Natural Straight Body

$165.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
BGlam Natural Straight Body
This texture has a slight wave but very close to straight hair. It can be straightened easily and is ideal when wearing straight to wavy hair styles. Each bundle is shaved and donated from one donor. The hair is then handpicked from 
temples in India. With this choice of pattern, you will look naturally gorgeous without trying. 
This pattern of extensions, is the perfect choice for that “simple but elegant” look.
● 100% Pure Human Hair: Every strand 
in this collection is made from top quality human hair handpicked by BGlam’s team 
of experts in India.
● Real Remy Cuticle Hair: BGlam’s hair is the highest grade human hair available. Each bundle comes from one individual donor. During the tonsure process, the hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern. The hair is then cut and carefully arranged into bulk then weft, in order to maintain the natural cuticle direction so that matting and tangling are virtually eliminated. Then the hair is cleansed and disinfected!
● No Artificial Manipulation: BGlam’s hair is not artificially steamed to a curl. Each category is separated by its natural curl pattern and 
meticulously processed to ensure it retain as much natural properties as possible, and thus, only naturally straight hair is chosen for the Straight Body extensions.
● State-of-the-art Technology: All BGlam Hair extensions undergo a cutting-edge sanitation 
treatment and process to purify the hair, increase shine, and, all in all, improve hair 
● 100% Compatibility with the Best Haircare Products: Compatible with the best hair 
treatment products in the market, the Straight Body retains its premium quality for longer 
when used with the right hairstyling and hair care products. 
•Hair Care + Product Recommendations:
For best results, all BGlam hair extensions should be handled with natural 
hair care. Shampoo and condition extensions daily using the BGlam Keratin Silk Shampoo 
and Conditioner. We also recommend using BGlam’s Keratin Leave-in for moisture and thermal 
protectant against heat damage. When styling as well as applying the BGlam Moroccan Serum to 
control frizz and add shine.


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